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Cast your vote for Round 3

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Round 3

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Rounds
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Round 3 is underway. Kade and Ces start this round for TMT depicting the money train. TC5 responds with Dontay and Keo’s (w/ help from Bluster on background) rendition of  War of the Gods.

Redbull Studios

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Members of both crews come out to support SEEN.TC5 and SKEME.TMT as they promote the TMT vs TC5 battle and officially kick off the WRITE OF PASSAGE event set for Friday, October 18.

It took place at Red Bull Studios in Chelsea, where a month long exhibition of graffiti art and workshops are taking place dubbed Write of Passage curated by Sacha Jenkins and David “CHINO” Villorente—check the teaser video here.


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Cast your vote for Round 2

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Round 2

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TC5 kicks off Round 2 with Dash and Sye! depicting a scene from The Warriors. TMT responds with Chain3 and Serve portraying Scarface and Griselda Blanco

Cast your vote for Round 1

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Round 1

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TMT start off the battle royale with a 3 man whole car featuring Shame, Skeme and Sak. TC5 responds with Doc and Doves whole car window down

The infamous Declaration of War Document.

• Concept and illustration by SKEME
• Rules & Stipulations
• Signed by respective war council delegates – SKEME, SAK1 for TMT, DOC, DASH for TC5

When Generals & Lieutenants meet...
Two legendary crews, TMT and TC5, partake in a friendly challenge, a battle of styles. The battle will span thru the 4 seasons starting off with both crews painting mock trains; car for car, followed by a man to man competition with the clash scheduled to culminate in an all out slug fest where both sides will paint side by side live for the finale.